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Looking for more meaning and satisfaction in your life?

Perhaps you are feeling almost overwhelmed with life, relationships, and responsibilities?

Do you find yourself at the start of a new phase in your life or confronted with new challenges?

This page contains additional information that may be helpful. 

David Harris 

1708 Peachtree St NW #425
Atlanta, GA 30309
Office:   404-721-7409
Mobile:  404-441-2347
Fax:       404-529-4665

We're conveniently located in Atlanta near both I-85 and GA-400.  

For more information about our community of practitioners,
please visit our website at
Rock Springs

I've included several ways to contact me, including a map to my office. Please give me a call, an email, or simply fill out the form on this page. I'm looking forward to speaking with you.

Being available to my clients is important to our work. In addition to the email and office number listed below, I will also provide you with my mobile phone number after your first visit.


I appreciate your investment of time, energy, and money in the work we do together. Since we offer a Compassion Scale with our fees, we diligently work to control costs. Therefore, we usually do not have office staff covering the phone as you would find in a doctor’s office. If you call, please follow the instructions on my voice mail – leave your name AND always leave your contact number, even if you think I have it. Since I may not be in the office when I return your call, I may not have your number at that point.

NOTE: If you find that you are running late to an appointment, I will reach out to you about 10-15 minutes past the appointed time. (I encourage safety while driving…no need to call or text.) Of course, you are welcome to call ahead if you know you will be late; just don't worry if you can't.

I do welcome any communication from you. In general, expect these response times from me:

I will answer as quickly as I am able but usually no later than

 text – one-half business day

 office and cell phone - within one business day

Occasionally, these times may be extended due to factors such as technology problems, training workshops, vacation, or other disruptions beyond my control. If I am in a different time zone, there may also be an additional delay of one-half day.

I triage calls based on the following:

1) urgent request from existing clients
2) requests for new appointments or information

3) non-urgent logistical communications (e.g., scheduling)

 NOTE: We are unable to provide emergency care; these calls should be directed to 911 or by proceeding to the local emergency room.

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