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Welcome to Professional Coaching here at Rock Springs: Positive Coaching, Caring, and Counseling, Inc. Whether you're looking for a first start or a fresh start, David provides a positive and enlightened approach to helping individuals make meaningful and rewarding changes. 

Send me an email or give me a call so we can talk for a few minutes and explore the first steps to improving your satisfaction with work, life, and relationships.

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Speaking Engagements

NOTE: If you need a speaker for your next group, class, civic club, church, or association meeting, please contact David for more information.


About David
David is the co-founder and Executive Director of
Rock Springs Positive Coaching, Caring, and Counseling, Inc. This site shares more information about coaching practice.

As a professional coach, he helps clients develop new insights, motivation, and personal opportunities. For more information about his credentials and certifications, please visit the
"about me" section of this website.

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